About IPAN

There is a growing concern amongst many Australians that decisions to base US troops in Australia and increase military use of Australian facilities were made too hastily to allow proper consultation with affected communities and are not in Australia‚Äôs best security, economic or environmental interests. 

Responding to that concern, members of organisations in each State have established a new network to campaign around this issue.

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) was launched in each Australian State in September 2012.

The network welcomes all organisations and state groups that agree to the aims, and we will be working to broaden the involvement of as many organisations as possible.

The participating groups are encouraged to continue local activities and issue statements under their own name(s), and we will also establish regular gatherings of all of the organisations in the network ineach region to build collective activity .

Regular telephone hook ups and occasional face to face meetings will serve to identify strategic opportunities to coordinate national events, joint statements, or actions.