IPAN 2016 Conference - Alice Springs

National Peace and Anti-War Gathering
Alice Springs October 2016

Public Forum and IPAN National Conference

A critique of the Australia-US alliance and a call for a more Independent and Peaceful Australia.

Download the Conference Program here

IPAN National Conference
Pine Gap: Serving US Militarism for 50 years
- Time for Independence?

Saturday 1st October 2016
8:30am - 5:00pm
Venue: The Chifley, Alice Springs Resort
34 Stott Terrace, Alice Springs

Registration: $60 full / $30 concession
(negotiable if financial constraints)
with morning tea / lunch / afternoon tea provided

conference bookings: CLOSED

Topics will include:
  • 50 years of Pine Gap: Its changing role
    (see our fact sheet, and share this petition)
  • How US facilities in Australia are used in current wars
  • The role of drones in modern warfare
  • Australian foreign policy in relation to the US
  • Resisting mass surveillance
  • The impact of a military presence on Indigenous peoples
  • Sovereignty, Secrecy and Democracy
  • Engaging in a movement for change

NOTE: if you require low cost camping accommodation,
please send an email to Jonathan: aspatt2016@gmail.com

Public Forum
Friday 30 Sept 2016
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Venue: The Chifley, Alice Springs Resort
34 Stott Terrace, Alice Springs

Prof. Lisa Natividad (Guam)
Prof. Kosuzu Abe (Japan)
Prof Richard Tanter (Melbourne Uni)
Scott Ludlam (Aust. Greens)

Bookings: only $10 or by donation, at: trybooking.com/MKAG

For More info see:
email inquries to Jonathan: aspatt2016@gmail.com

IPAN is an umbrella body to coordinate national campaigns which many of the IPAN member peace organisations can participate in.
These workshops will help to plan the focus of these campaigns.


Other events

IPAN is not alone in seeking to draw attention to the 50 anniversary of the establishment of Pine Gap. During the weeks leading up to IPAN’s AGM, forum and conference other groups are organising protests and events of their own. These will be taking place from mid-September, 2016. Interested people should make contact with whatever group catches their attention!

A welcome and invitation from the Arrente people (traditional owners of the land upon which Pine Gap has been established) can be seen at www.closepinegap.com. Activists, who will be travelling from Melbourne, have established the website https://closepinegap.org/ which gives some of the reasons for their activism and is a starting-point for anyone wishing to travel with the group.

‘Peace Pilgrims’ will be bringing a team from Cairns, Queensland. Details can be found at https://www.facebook.com/peacepilgrimsatpinegap/

http://peacebus.com/ has details of captain Graeme Dunstan’s plans for taking part in the convergence on Pine Gap and includes Chris Peltharre Tomlins’ ‘call-out’ invitation from the original owners.

There are also, of course, Facebook pages to follow:-